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Infraserv Höchst is the site operator responsible for the park's powerful infrastructure. It provides tenants with a wide range of services: from supplying energy, special fluids and raw materials to safely and responsibly disposing of waste and wastewater. Infraserv Höchst provides and operates facilities and laboratories and has implemented a state-of-the-art safety and security plan for the park. Other services include vocational training and continuing education courses, often taught at its own, state-recognized university with international Bachelor's degree programs. Infraserv Höchst ensures that park employees receive occupational medical care and provides many other EHS and logistics services as part of its broad, deep portfolio.

A broad portfolio to cover all your non-core processes

Companies located at Industriepark Höchst can choose from a wide and varied menu of services provided by site operator Infraserv Höchst and several specialized service providers. As a result, they are free to outsource virtually all their non-core processes.

The service portfolio ranges from supplying energy, process fluids and raw materials through an integrated utilities system to providing environmental, health and safety services, logistics, waste disposal, facility management, emergency response, infrastructure services, and numerous employee services.

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Infraserv Höchst supplies many different utilities at stable prices as well as providing the necessary infrastructure and related services.

Infraserv Höchst offers fully compliant waste management with services ranging from consulting and collection to proper and professional disposal.

Infraserv Logistics is a full-service provider with a wide range of modular logistics services along the supply chain designed to ensure sustainability, competitiveness and a reliable supply of materials and products.

Site operator Infraserv Höchst offers your employees a wide range of services: from continuing education and professional development to health care, child care and shopping services.

Infraserv Höchst can meet your needs in water protection, immissions control and permit management through consulting, environmental and process analytics and a measuring station for hazardous substances.

Industriepark Höchst is protected by an integrated emergency response organization consisting of an emergency team, plant security, emergency control center and park fire department.

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Service desks for our customers

The right e-mail-address for all your requests:
Facility services: gebaeudeservice(at)infraserv.com
Data networks: datennetze(at)infraserv.com
Voice services: sprachkommunikation(at)infraserv.com
Cellular communications: mobilfunkcenter(at)infraserv.com
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