Cluster for a climate-neutral process industry in Hesse

Cluster Goals

The cluster translates the goal of CO₂ neutrality for individual companies in their specific context: What does the goal of CO₂ neutrality mean for my company? What do I have to pay attention to? What opportunities and risks does the transformation process offer for my business? At the same time, we also support the state of Hesse and the city of Frankfurt with regard to their climate goals.

As a cluster, we offer access to expertise: we organize thematic working groups as well as exchange and innovation formats. We produce studies and position papers. We connect scientists, start-ups, political stakeholders and companies. We facilitate knowledge exchange and accelerate innovation processes in companies. Operationally, we also support in building project consortia and the screening of funding applications.

Activities in detail

Who is the cluster aimed at?

Companies in the process industry are to be brought into exchange with solution providers and innovation partners who can help with decarbonization (e.g. other companies, scientific institutions or start-ups).

The cluster's offerings are in particular aimed at small and medium-sized companies in these industries that are seeking a regional, national and international network, want to drive forward new technologies and take advantage of offers to support them on their way to climate neutrality.

As a platform for exchange on climate neutrality in industry, regional representatives, scientific institutions and other interested partners are also invited to join.

About the cluster management

The Process4Sustainability cluster is managed by the Center for Industry and Sustainability at Provadis School. As the headquarters of the cluster management organization, Industriepark Höchst is the leading location for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Hesse - home to more than 90 companies and the provider of more than 22,000 jobs. At the Center for Industry and Sustainability (ZIN), Provadis School has bundled its interdisciplinary research and education projects in the field of industry and sustainability. Since its foundation in 2016, ZIN has been working in European projects on industrial sustainability, building on close cooperation with national and international partners from science, industry and the public sector.

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Interested in cooperating?

Prof. Dr. Hannes Utikal

Head of Center for Industry and Sustainability (ZIN), Provadis School

Bernd Winters

Project Manager, Provadis School