Locator to the Industriepark Höchst

East Gate Visitor Registration

Phone: +49 69 305-6300

Street address for route planners:
For cars only:
Brüningstraße 50
65929 Frankfurt am Main

Gate K 801 Visitor Registration

Phone: +49 69 305-2026

Street address for route planners:
For cars only:
65929 Frankfurt am Main

Registration for contractors and deliveries

Phone: +49 69 305-2027

Street address for route planners:
65929 Frankfurt am Main

For visitors only: Clariant Innovation Center

Phone: +49 69 305-38364

Postal address for route planner:
65926 Frankfurt am Main

We care about your safety!

Before visiting us, we ask that you please complete a video-based safety briefing followed by a test. You will have to take the test on your arrival at the visitor's reception desks at Gate K 801 or East Gate. Please set aside an extra 15 minutes in order to take the test before your first visit.

You must present a valid photo ID in order to enter Industriepark Höchst.

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