Infraserv Höchst: A site operator

Specializing in services for chemical, pharmaceutical and life science companies

Infraserv GmbH und Co. Höchst KG operates Industriepark Höchst. Having emerged from Hoechst AG's site service departments, Infraserv Höchst can draw on over 150 years of experience in running a site focused on chemicals, pharmaceuticals and related process industries. With its wide portfolio of site services, utilities, waste management, logistics and personnel services, Infraserv Höchst enables park tenants to focus entirely on their core business by handing off their non-core processes to a specialized provider. Tenants immediately see the benefits in costs and efficiency. Infraserv Höchst takes a holistic approach and combines all key process factors into a well-integrated, legally compliant end-to-end solution that delivers measurable, lasting results.

As a long-term development partner along the value chain, Infraserv Höchst helps drive innovation, growth, productivity and the positive image of its customers. It concentrates on current needs as much as it focuses on external risks and opportunities and future services – in and beyond all its areas of responsibility.

Site responsibility entails site development

Infraserv Höchst's views itself as more than a supporting service provider. It has tremendous responsibility toward all the people who work in the park and live near it. Site operation entails responsibility for the future. The world is undergoing dramatic changes right now. However, Infraserv Höchst has to look closely at the underlying megatrends in order to anticipate necessary changes, design effective change processes together with the park's tenants, and flexibly and continuously lay the groundwork for the site to meet current and future needs.

This involves not only implementing continuous change processes in day-to-day operations, but also strategically enhancing service portfolios and site infrastructure, largely by making targeted tangible and intangible investments in tomorrow's technologies. If you wish, we can also support major investment and transformation projects – fully customized to your needs – and specifically attract new companies who will enrich the site portfolio.