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Employees of tenant companies and park-based partner companies:Visitors:Partner companies and partner company employees:
Employees of companies located at Industriepark Höchst that have leased permanent space, buildings or offices on a long-term basis, or of companies that lease space at partner company job site offices and whose names are reported and registered with the site operator, Infraserv. After a safety briefing at the visitor’s center and a short test, new employees of tenant companies or park-based partner companies will receive a personal ID card that they can use to enter and leave the industrial park at any time.
Visitors may only enter Industriepark Höchst for business purposes. Exceptions are made for official, organized visits such as guided tours or events. Visitors may not, as a general rule, provide any service for a fee during their stay at the industrial park or charge for their stay. For safety reasons, visitors are not allowed to move around on their own in the industrial park, except for traveling to and from their host.
Companies or individuals who come to the industrial park to provide billable services, skilled manual work, consulting, training, etc. without being registered employees of a company located at Industriepark Höchst are called “partner companies” or “partner company employees”.
Examples: Applicants, participants attending events or training courses, visitors to open-house days
Examples: Suppliers, truck drivers, training seminar instructors, lawyers, management consultants, service providers
Information for visitors
To the safety film for visitors
Application for a partner company ID card for partner companies
Pre-registration form for weekend work
More security information for partner companies

Announcing weekend work for contractors

For security reasons, Corporate Security must be notified of any work performed on weekends, public holidays or outside Industriepark Höchst business hours. The notification can only be submitted by the tenant or contractor at the park for whom the work is being done. Please contact your person of contact.

If you have any problems, please contact Corporate Security at +49 69-305-13200.


Certain rules must be followed at Industriepark Höchst to protect the environment, local community and the people working at the park. We therefore ask that you obey the following safety rules and instructions:

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