Industriepark Höchst for our neighbors

Secure the future

Industriepark Höchst has evolved into an innovative, internationally regarded research and production site over the course of more than 150 years. It owes much of its success to close, strong relationships with the local community. We want to be even more open and transparent for our neighbors. What can we do for you?

Your benefits, your safety, our environment

Your benefits

Innovative, regional, useful

The products manufactured at the park – dyes, pharmaceuticals, chemical precursors and more – have an excellent international reputation for quality. Industriepark Höchst is home to many industry champions that generate innovations and benefits for everyone. Their efforts have produced nearly 22,000 jobs for people at the park.

Learn more about your benefits on the website for our neighbors (available in German only).

Your safety

Proactive and prepared

Resident and employee safety has top priority at Industriepark Höchst. State-of-the-art technology is used to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. All the employees are trained to detect and handle potential hazards properly. In the unlikely event of an accident, the park's firefighters and emergency responders will be at the scene immediately.

Learn more about security on the website for our neighbors (available in German only).

Our environment

Responsibility in action

The occupants of Industriepark Höchst are well aware of their environmental responsibilities. They keep the planet clean and vibrant by following strict environmental rules in manufacturing, storage and transportation throughout the park. Our conduct and our products demonstrate our commitment to conserving natural resources every single day.

Learn more about our environment on the website for our neighbors (available in German only).