Interessengemeinschaft Regelwerke Technik (IGR) e.V.

Knowledge management

Interessengemeinschaft Regelwerke Technik (IGR) e. V. was formed at Industriepark Höchst in 2007 with the goal of preserving, sharing and collectively building on the hands-on knowledge that its members have accumulated in the course of 130-plus years of doing business in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. To advance this goal, IGR brings together around 350 production and engineering experts and stakeholders from in and outside Industriepark Höchst. Its more than 30 member companies and their roughly 30,000 employees benefit from legal certainty, economic efficiency, industry lobbying and practical tools.

Benefits for the process industry and its service providers

IGR integrates expertise in mechanical and process engineering; electrical, instrumentation and control engineering (EI&C engineering); materials engineering; and process safety. It has also developed proven Technical Guidelines as a tool for directly ensuring technical compliance with laws, standards and regulations in daily operations. These guidelines save IGR member companies time, money and resources – and frees them up to focus on their core business. Furthermore, IGR maintains committees to advance its members’ interests and thus give them more clout with suppliers, producers and government agencies.

Interessengemeinschaft Regelwerke Technik (IGR) e.V.