ARCUS Greencycling Technologies GmbH

Plastics recycling, raw materials recycling

ARCUS Greencycling Technologies GmbH provides a leading chemical recycling solution for otherwise non-recyclable mixed plastic waste streams that have undergone minimal pre-sorting or pre-cleaning. Our process successfully handles a wide range of polymers, from PP, PE and PS to difficult-to-process PVC, ABS or PET.

In 2022, ARCUS will start operating a fully licensed (i.e. with BImSch approval, REACH registration, pending end-of-waste status as well as ISCC, RedCert2 and EfbV certifications) commercial-scale pilot plant with a capacity of 4,000 t/a at Industriepark Höchst. This plant will give customers access to a highly robust commercial-scale process to test the chemical recyclability of a variety of waste streams and/or use the plant to produce commercially viable pyrolysis oil.

ARCUS Greencycling Technologies GmbH

Daniel Odenthal