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Corden BioChem GmbH

Pharmaceuticals (generics)

Corden BioChem is a large-scale industrial manufacturing partner for biotech-based products in pharma and fine chemicals. The company is a pioneer applying green chemistry for intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients. For sixty years, Corden BioChem implemented and optimized large-scale fermentation, downstream, biocatalysis and synthesis processes with world-class efficiency, quality and reliability. Being owned by International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG), the CordenBioChem facility serves as a connection between the synthetic cGMP capabilities of CordenPharma and the non-GMP manufacture of chemicals in their sister company Weylchem.

International Chemical Investors is a privately owned industrial group with sales in excess of € 2 billion and more than 6,000 employees worldwide. ICIG is focusing on three main platforms: Pharmaceuticals under the CordenPharma brand, Fine Chemicals under the WeylChem brand and Chlorovinyls under the VYNOVA brand.

Corden BioChem GmbH

Andrea Wolf
Executive Assistant