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Important information on the novel coronavirus

Industriepark Höchst

Information from the site operator

Information about COVID-19 from Infraserv Höchst (German only)

Pandemic training

Free e-learning module on good hygiene in a pandemic:

Entering Industriepark Höchst

People who have been in contact with an infected individual or have visited a high-risk area in the past two weeks should refrain from entering Industriepark Höchst and instead contact Infraserv Höchst’s Industrial Clinic at +49 69 305-3434. The Industrial Clinic will provide them with information and a comprehensive consultation on COVID-19, and will then decide whether that individual can enter Industriepark Höchst and, if so, when.

Important: Factsheet for visitors and employees at partner companies

Gates and visitor centers

Mask requirement

On April 27, Hesse introduced a statewide mask requirement for buses, trains and stores. This requirement is still in effect.

At Industriepark Höchst, face masks must be worn in park buses, visitor centers and at the partner company registration desk. This requirement does not apply to anyone who is unable to wear a mask due to medical conditions.

The mask does not protect the wearer from infection. It merely reduces the risk of passing infections on to other people through the air that the wearer exhales. Wearing a mask does not reduce social distancing requirements.

Measures taken at companies

For people working at Industriepark Höchst:

Staff restaurants

All meals will be provided solely on a take-out basis. Meals can no longer be eaten at the restaurants.

More information: www.iph.eurest.de

Support for park employees and companies

Stay safe!

Infraserv Höchst, Corporate Communications