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Provadis School

Rhine-Main Region leader in degree-program ranking

Finding qualified staff, networking with like-minded companies, actively managing innovation and leveraging knowledge pools: These are challenges that no chemical or pharmaceutical firm can afford to ignore in the global marketplace. Companies in Industriepark Höchst can draw on a pool of skilled workers fed by the Provadis School of International Management and Technology. Its mission is to equip active professionals and trainees with the skills they need to succeed.

The Provadis School's learning environment is excellent, according to a recent ranking conducted by the Center for Higher-Education Development. Over 250 different universities were ranked in the most comprehensive study of its kind thus far in Germany. The Provadis School was compared to 29 other universities in Germany in the ”Career-Integrated Degree“ category. In Germany, Provadis was ranked third; in the Rhine-Main Region, it came in first.

Students can pursue internationally recognized executive Bachelor degrees in business administration, business information management, and in chemical engineering.

The Provadis School won further accolades in the State of Hesse's cluster competition. The jury, impressed by its ideas on expanding networks and innovation clusters as exemplified by Industriepark Höchst, awarded it a grant worth EUR 25,000.



Provadis School of International Management and
Technology AG
Industriepark Höchst
65926 Frankfurt am Main
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