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2007: Insulin-pen factory

    Short description:         Insulin-pen factory (incl. pen research and development,
and quality assurance)
    Facility area:         25,000 m²    
    Pallet positions:         15,000    
    Short description:         2007

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2006: Licocene plant

    Short description:
        Licocene plant (a family of high-performance waxes based on polyolefin)    
    Capacity:         20,000 t/a    

More information on Licocene plant Clariant

2006: Biodiesel production

    Kurzbeschreibung         Produktionsanlage zur Herstellung von Biodiesel    
    Kapazität:         200.000 Tonnen pro Jahr    
    Investitionssumme:         25 Mio. EUR    
    Inbetriebnahme:         2006    
    Neue Arbeitsplätze:         15    

More information on biodiesel production Cargill

2006: Plant produces wax by metallocene catalysis

    Brief description:         Clariant's new synthetic-wax plant by metallocene catalysis    
    Output:         Several thousand metric tons per year    
    Completion:         2006    

More information on Clariant`s new wax plant

2004: Highly automated pigment-production plant

    Brief description:         Diketopyrrolopyrrol (DPP) pigment plant    
    Initial output:         200 metric tons per year    

More information on Clariant`s new pigment plant


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