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Reliable energy

Investment in tomorrow

2009: Industrial-gas-liquefaction plant

    Description:         Production and liquefaction plant for technical and medicinal gases (primarily ultra-pure oxygen and nitrogen in liquid form), including a tank farm for the gases    
    Investment budget:         € 20 million    
    Start-up:         2009    
    Owner:         SOL    
    Operation and management:         Infraserv Höchst    
    Location:         Southwestern Industriepark Höchst    

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2009: Gas-turbine plant: building block in sustainable-energy strategy

    Description:         Resource-friendly, high-efficiency plant with two gas turbines that produces steam used for downstream power generation    
    Investment budget:         € 70 million    
    Start-up:         2011    
    Electrical output:         45 megawatts    
    Location:         Northern section of Industriepark Höchst    

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2009: Climate protection in action: biomethane-upgrading plant

    Description:         Infraserv Höchst and Mainova build a biomethane-upgrading plant: Raw biogas is to be upgraded to pipeline-quality biomethane and fed into the public network    
    Investment budget:         € 5 million    
    Start-up:         2011    
    Output:         80,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of biomethane    
    Location:         West section of Industriepark Höchst    

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2007: Biggest investment project in Industriepark Höchst: waste-to-energy power plant

    Description:         Replacing fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas with refuse-derived fuel (high-calorific-value fractions of municipal and commercial waste), largest facility of its kind in Germany    
    Investment budget:         Approx. € 300 million    
    Total capacity:         675,000 t/a    
    Facility start-up:         2011    
    New jobs:         Approx. 40    
    Electrical output:         70 megawatts; 250 t steam/h    
    Energy-utilization level:         Around 90 %    
    Location:         Southwest section of Industriepark Höchst    
    Operator:         Thermal Conversion Compound Industriepark Höchst GmbH,    
            a subsidiary of Infraserv Höchst    

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2007: Clean energy production: co-digester

    Description:         Converting biosolids and organic waste into biogas    
    Total investment:         € 15 million    
    Facility start-up:         Mid-2007    
    Daily biogas output:         30,000 cubic meters    
    Total co-substrate capacity:         Approx. 90,000 t/a    
    Total biosolid capacity:         Approx. 300,000 cubic meters/a    
    Electrical output:         3.6 megawatts    
    Thermal output:         3.9 megawatts    
    Location:         West section of Industriepark Höchst    
    Contact:         Michael Müller, Corporate Communication    
            Phone: +49 69 305-7952    

More information about the clean energy production: co-digester

2003: Gas-turbine power plant

    Brief description:         Heating and power station upgraded with new 40 megawatt gas turbine    
    Total investment:         23.5 million euros    
    Building owner:         Infraserv Höchst    

More information about the gas-turbine power plant


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